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"The door of Russia is closed for the Gospel. Almost. It's a fact. New Putin's 'antiMissionary' Law stopped all missionary work. Outreach meetings are prohibited in today's Russia by Yrovia amendment"  .

Less than 1% of population were able to hear the Gospel. Evangelist Sergei Timokhin preached to thousands of Russians in previous years. But Russia is 11 time zones, the lagest country in the world by area. It's legal to share the Gospel and invite people to the church. Radio Jesus is an alternative way for Sergei Timokhin to preach Gospel to the Russian world via Radio Jesus: social media, online broadcast, and 'call-to-listen' new technology is reaching every home and cell phone in the country. God loves people. Love unlocks doors and opens windows that weren't even there before. Please, HELP us to EVANGELIZE RUSSIA with Radio Jesus.

in oder to reach MILLIONS of Russians for Jesus we use:

-  24/7 radio preaching

- Live praying/ministering

- Call centers/PBX Ip-Telephony

- SIP-telephoning/redirection

- Text messaging direct

- VoIP calls direct

- Call to listen

- regular Internet streaming

Radio Jesus covers all Russia

We have to use a moment for Jesus while Putin speaks out for the  Bible


Radio Jesus is a Russian Ministry in St. Petersburg, Russia

Pastor Sergei Timokhin

www.RadioJesus.us (English)

www.RadioJesus.ru (Russian)

cell +1615-610-7717  +7911-924-4928

email: ps777ps@yahoo.com